Women Swimmin’ 2013


At first light on Saturday, August 10th, 2013, over three hundred women jumped into Cayuga Lake to make a difference, and commemorate loved ones gone too soon. The 10th annual Women Swimmin’ for Hospicare was held at the Ithaca Yacht Club on Cayuga Lake. The event is a community swim (not a race!) of over three hundred women that are challenged to swim across the lake with a brigade of kayak escorts.

This year, over three hundred ladies (including myself) raised more than $390,000 for Hospicare! Our tattoo shop, The Hand of Fate Tattoo Parlor, raised $510 dollars toward my still going total of $1345! Hospice is such a great cause, and a necessary community service that has touched us all. My family thanks you for what you do, for every patient and their families you help.

THANK YOU to all of our family, friends, and clients that supported our efforts. THANK YOU to my loving husband Eddie, who was my trainer and kayak escort across Cayuga Lake at dawn. Best feeling-jumping off the Columbia and into the lake and sunshine, swimming towards his boat. No words, just happy! (Also avoided a lot of lake debris from the day before of flooding rains. Lots of branches and murky water!) The shore markers looked far away, but the swim was over in a flash.

It was a beautiful morning, full of joy, tears, and loving hearts full of support-and lots of hugs for all of the women swimmin’! I know my mom is proud, she blessed me with a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to do it next year!

Women Swimmin’ 2013

The Hand of Fate Tattoo Parlor

Tattooed Oncologist Bikes Across Canada For KIDS


Touring the world as a tattoo artist’s wife has allowed me to meet some incredible people. I am lucky enough that our clients are often inspirational in their own daily lives. Our good friend, client, and pediatric Oncologist Dr. Bruce Crooks (who is also one of the most incredible, amazing, and inspiring people on the planet) was on TV this morning! He is a bike rider in the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride (Home Page | Sears National Kids Cancer Ride | Destination: Beyond Cancer!.), a Vancouver, BC, to Halifax, NS cross Canada bike ride to raise funds for children and their families battling cancer. Have a look at his interview, and please donate to his amazing ride! GO, BRUCE, GO!!!

Watch his interview HERE: Sears National Kids Cancer Ride | Watch GlobalNews Videos.

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The Winery in SoHa NYC knows where the Finger Lakes are!


Recently, hubby and I took a quick weekend jaunt to the big city to take care of family obligations. It was HOT. New York City, garbage smell hot. Upper nineties, where the little squiggle lines come of of the pavement and your mandatory iced coffee is losing ice rapidly, condensation water dripping to your elbow. Many former New Yorkers are reading this, and starting to feel that homesick twinge. We all must be insane to love the place!

Headed to visit friends, we made our way to the newly revitalized area now referred to as SoHa (South Harlem, or as husband kept repeatedly, and loudly, announcing over his friend, FORMERLY SPANISH HARLEM! Lifetime New Yorkers also do not enjoy change of neighborhood names). The area is enjoying quite a renaissance at the moment, and there has been so much development! Coffee shops, sushi restaurants with outdoor cafe tables, and boutiques line the sidewalk. We felt quite melty walking down 116th St…and then, I saw it, through the heat squiggles….The Winery. (Follow the link here: The Winery : We sell the wines that we like to drink..)

The Winery is a small, boutique wine store, with a focus on artisanal producers and vineyards. Their staff is very knowledgable about the wines and spirits they carry, and my questions were met with a very friendly and informed attitude. We were welcomed, asked if we needed any direction, and it was brought to my attention that there would be a free tasting later that evening (every Friday, from 6-8). The interior was simple, elegant, and air conditioned. Bottles were easily displayed, and my first hunt was for Finger Lakes wines on shelves. Riesling, Riesling, Riesling…?!? Dr. Frank was represented….by the 2010 Rkatsiteli? WOW! Lakewood Vineyards 2012 Vignoles? Reeeaaaally!! Ravines 2012 Pinot Rose, excitably AVAILABLE!! Owner Nobu Otsu is a certified member of the American Sommelier Society, as well as belongs to the WSET. (Learn more about his journey here: Q&A with Nobu Otsu, Owner of The Winery | MORNINGSIDER.) His knowledge has created an oasis in Harlem, and the shop is a beautiful representation of hand crafted, lower to moderately priced, every day drinking wines. Beautiful shop, friendly staff, and a fantastic selection of local wines. Finger Lakes producers, take note…this Harlem wine shop should carry your best products! Check out the shop when in the area, or peruse their extensive website…visit SoHa!