The 9th International London Tattoo Convention 2013


My husband, tattoo artist Eddie Molina, is at the 2013 London Tattoo Convention this weekend! Very proud to have him represent our shop, The Hand of Fate Tattoo Parlor in Ithaca, NY on an international scale! Lots of pics, updates, and good stuff happening-check in for updates!!! Follow his Instagram here: Eddie Molina Instagram

Repost: My Needles & Sins Guest Blog from Montreal Tattoo Art Show 2013


My take on the Montreal Tattoo Arts 2013 weekend-guest blog for Needles & Sins! I’ll be posting more with my interview with the wonderful Loretta Leu next week, it was quite an eventful weekend away from Ithaca….Follow the link here N&S Montreal 2013 by Demetra Molina



BoozyLife is headed to Montreal!


Hubby & I are headed to Montreal this weekend, mostly to visit friends working the 11th annual Art Tattoo Montreal shindig! We’re not working at the convention, so I should have time to explore the local wine and culture. Any spots we truly should not miss? Looking forward to it, more Monday!