FLX Winery (and Wienery) guide in Edible Manhattan

My Italian Sausage with mustard n all the fixins

My Italian Sausage with mustard n all the fixins

Our hearts go out to all in the Napa area that suffered damage last night. Winemakers have a tight bond with Mother Nature, even at her most cruel.

Edible Manhattan listed Ten Wineries to visit and drink at in the Finger Lakes (and also included our favorite Wienery as well!) what do you think of the places they chose? Who did they miss? And have you tried out FLX Wienery yet?!? If not, get your carnivorous ass OUT THERE! It seriously rocks…and they now have beer & wine to go with their gourmet in house made dogs, brats, and burgers…did I mention poutine? Yeah, they got it like that.

The reality of farming in the Finger Lakes- an insider’s look from Forge Cellars

Cool climate Riesling grapes

Cool climate Riesling grapes

Wine grower Rick Rainey of Forge Cellars posted an entry about the recent hail storm that they endured on Seneca Lake. The job of vineyard manager is sometimes a heartbreaking one, and he relays the joys and sorrows of living and farming in this climate. Check out his post here: A real connection with Burgundy-of not a good sort. Mother Nature can be heartless as much as beautiful, and the journey of growing here shows the love for the craft these men have.

One of the BEST RIESLING REVIEWS EVER-and it’s for a Finger Lakes GEM

Epicurious just released an article Best Rieslings Under $20 (follow the link for the entire link), highlighting stand out Rieslings from around the world. The selection from the Finger LakesArea is from our friends at Boundary Breaks Vineyard— and we are so happy to see them recognized for their accomplishments!

Article author Paul Grieco, General Manager of Hearth Restaurant NYC said of the 2012 Boundary Breaks Riesling Geisenheim No. 239, Finger Lakes, New York ($20) “Long and lean in frame but with colors bursting from the canvas…think David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust days.”

Are you kidding me? Comparing that wine to Bowie? PERFECT-they’re a group of young, hardcore Riesling rock stars over there! Not to mention a few of the vineyard crew are rocking tattoos by my husband-vineyard Manager Kees Staple is working on a custom Riesling sleeve that will be awesome when complete, adding to the rocker status. 😉 Congrats guys–now go grab a bottle of this gem, kids…it’s BoozyWife approved! 🙂