Time Lapse Tattoo Test with Lefty and Kees at HOF

Cool climate Riesling grapes

Cool climate Riesling grapes

Ok, more GoPro testing the other day! Lefty and his client Kees (vineyard manager for Boundary Breaks) were nice enough to let me harass them with the camera during their latest session. We taped the camera mount to Eddie’s mirror, and just let it run…there is no audio in the interest of keeping the session between men, not to mention I did leave for a bit with Kees’ BoozyWife and hit the wine bar for a few minutes 😉 Tricky stuff, but fun! I’m catching on with the editing software, but if anyone has an editor they love, chime in!

LeftyBastard and I will be headed up to Good Point Tattoo in Oakville next week so I can get more work on my sleeve, and perhaps hit a few Niagara on the Lake spots….thus all this testing! You can check out the fastest tattoo session with Lefty and Kees here: http://youtu.be/-Y6Caw9_VW8

Take a look at Boundary Breaks’ beautiful website HERE: http://boundarybreaks.com

ReBlogged- “TATTOOS: Perceptions & Perspectives” (TATTOO DOCUMENTARY)

Montreal Tattoo Art Show 2013

Montreal Tattoo Art Show 2013- Kurt Wiscombe & Filip at Work, Lefty and BoogStar, Loretta Leu tattooing an Ohm

Starting off this day on a tattoo history and knowledge kick! Loretta Leu is momma to Filip Leu – one of the most respected, talented, and revered tattoo artists in the industry. I had the pleasure of meeting Loretta in Montreal a few years back, and watched Filip work-tattooing one-sitting collaborative back pieces all weekend with Kurt Wiscombe – truly an experience I’ll always remember. I’m happy to share these videos, in the hopes that my readers will do a bit of research, and see the incredible tattoo art created by a master of the craft.

WATCH: You can check out the documentary “Perceptions & Perspectives” on YouTube, it’s a very intelligent and interesting half an hour on the tattoo world– TATTOO: Perceptions & Perspectives

Published on Dec 14, 2014
At a time in history when tattoos have never been more popular, transcending all previous demographic divisions and scaling statistical percentages of populations in the West, this documentary examines the contemporary mass proliferation of tattoos, recording current perceptions of tattoos and tattooing from a cross-generational perspective of people with and without tattoos.
This documentary is submitted as partial fulfillment for the Master of Arts Creative Media in Media Studies at the University of Brighton.

© University of Brighton / Maximillian Jacobson – Gonzalez

WATCH: For the complete in depth interview with Filip Leu, follow the link HERE: Filip Leu, Tattoo Artist, Switzerland

Published on Sep 30, 2014 Interview with Filip Leu,Tattoo Artist, Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. Extracts from this interview also appear in the documentary TATTOOS: Perceptions & Perspectives. Produced, Filmed & Edited by Maximillian Jacobson – Gonzalez. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Creative Media, at the University of Brighton, 2014.

Enjoy, fellow tattoo geeks! Feel free to share 😉