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Announcing The Molina Studio and Gallery in Morro Bay, CA

There has been quite a lack of recent travel for this blogger, but there has been a plan in the works keeping us CA local!

We have formed an artist/professional collective and gallery space in the ocean side town of Morro Bay, CA. My husband Eddie has his own private art studio space, Kim of Indulge Massage Therapy has her own private massage room, and I will be curating the gallery space ( as well as finishing my eyebrow microblading certification(!!!), which was put on hold while I dealt with some health stuff that needed addressing for me to be at my best…).

Stay tuned for grand opening info, and follow our social media sites until the websites are up! Domains are purchased and the site building has begun.

PS, I’m planning some very fun and interesting BoozyLife wine classes and pop-up events you’re not going to want to miss…too excited!

The Molina Studio and Gallery on Facebook

The Molina Studio on Instagram



Wine Blogger Conference 2017 Santa Rosa, CA

I’m here in Santa Rosa this weekend for my third –and most attended–Wine Blogger Conference in Santa Rosa, California!

Keep your eye on my social media channels, including Instagram and Twitter (@BoozyLife), lots of wine tasting and meeting of the minds will be happening, along with writing workshops and networking galore…always fun to meet new bloggers–or, you might know me as the tattooed lady, or as the blue haired girl (it’s platinum at the moment) from the last three years. If you’re here this year, please stop me and say hello!

A view to the Pacific from CA RTE 46 

Driving Rte 46 from Paso Robles towards Cayucos, you will see several mountain vistas–stop and enjoy the view! Fog was rolling in from the ocean, creating a beautiful layer of clouds between the water and the sky…

These pockets of microclimates are incredibly important for growing grapes, and the temperature between inland and the coast often differs by twenty degrees–Paso might be at 101 degrees Fahrenheit, but Cayucos on the ocean might be in the mid 70’s range. Location is everything! 

A Sunday By the Bay -Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2017

First tattoo convention for this tattoo wife in 2017 (as a visitor) was this past weekend –the 13th annual Bay Area Tattoo Convention…and, as you know, we love our 13’s! Perfect way to start my first year on the West coast….

The Bay Area Tattoo Convention is held at the Hyatt SFO, and the hotel is attached to the convention venue (always nice for an escape to the room or the pool to breathe) 

Nick and Ellen Chaboya

The show is on the smaller side, but with a high caliber of artists tattooing. Inspiration is everywhere. 
Jeff Gogue

The Bay Area convention is put on every year by powerhouse shop State of Grace Tattoo (Taki is the creator of the viral phenomenon Monmon Cats by Horitomo. Molly, his wife and accomplished chef in her own right, is the author of Knives and Needles blog…a very striking companion to The BoozyLife, for sure! Tattoos, food, booze, and travel….hell yes…)

The show itself had smaller crowds on Sunday, undoubtedly due to downpouring rain the in the area.

Lefty, Grime, Brian 2017

We were able to walk around, checking out work and goings on, and of course socialize with friends that until now were a Coast away. 

This was my first visit to the area, entirely too short, and focused almost entirely on the convention…but we did get to check out Golden Moon Gallery, a stunning new art space in San Mateo. 

Operated and curated by SF tattoo artist Nick Chaboya and his lovely wife Ellen, the gallery features work by internationally known artists, including fellow tattooists. Really quite fantastic to see a space for this incredible artwork, crafted by several of our talented friends–from paintings, to jewelry and sculpture, all slightly flavored with tattoo culture, yet vastly different and always changing. We wish them luck and continued success! Can’t wait to explore this region and spend more time on wine 🍷 

13th Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2017

First BoozyLife convention visit this year, and it’s happening on the West Coast! Keep your eyes peeled, here and on my social media feeds–we’re visiting the Bay Area this weekend to check out the 13th annual Bay Area Tattoo Convention, and hopefully visit and catch up with tattoo friends we haven’t seen in far too long…and check out Golden Moon Art Gallery!
Seriously, though…is that not the best tattoo convention poster artwork, ever? Check out Horimoto’s Mon Mon Cats E-store for tees, prints, and more-all featuring these virally popular designs! (Monmon cats online store)

Monarch Butterfly Grove, Pismo Beach CA

Yesterday, I made a little trip off the wine trails to visit The Monarch Butterfly Grove, Pismo Beach CA. It was absolutely something I plan on doing often in winter! I have read about the migration of the Monarch butterflies, where colonies of up to twenty thousand spend the winter from October until February. The butterflies cluster on the limbs of the Eucalyptus trees in Pismo State Beach park, a beautiful and tiny area to see such a concentration of wings. On first look, you see hardly any Monarchs, except for a few lilting gently in the breeze. As your eyes adjust, the fluttering clumps of leaves seem to shift before your eyes, an illusion of wings. It’s truly a breathtaking experience. Last year, the count swelled to twenty five thousand in February. Yesterday’s officially posted count came in at around fifteen thousand, which was utterly incredible to witness. A not to be missed, FREE stop, right off of HWY 1 on the coast…bring your own beverages! 

BoozyLife is On the Road #FLXtoSLO

We have left the snow and cold of the Finger Lakes for the sunshine and surf of San Luis Obispo, CA!

Currently, our big ole RV is in New Mexico–tomorrow, I will be hitting a bucket list tasting at Caduceus Cellars in Jerome, AZ. For those that aren’t in the know–Maynard James Keenan of Tool, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, master of ceremonies and creator of much of the soundtrack of my life is also the owner and hands on winemaker. Homework–check out the movie Blood into Wine about Maynard’s love of AZ viticulture 💀🍷

BoozyLife in L.A. and SLO Wine Area

Artichoke in flower
Artichoke in flower-Los Angeles 2016


We made it! Left and I landed at LAX and will be spending some time with friends in the LA and Lakewood areas, and then it’s off to SLO wine area for a tattoo guest spot at Traditional Tattoo in Saint Luis Obispo! I’ll be winery touring while husband is at the shop–any vineyards in this area you feel I MUST not miss? Tweet at me @boozylife or shoot me a comment, I’ll even be checking boozylife@gmail.com while I’m out and about 🙂


On a side note, ate my first Animal style burger at In-N-on Out yesterday! It was totally delish, but I think left over Valium (nervous flier!) in my system from our flight made it hard work just to chew…excellent natural French fries, perfect and simple. Great start to the week!

More soon! Follow along>>>>

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Atwater Estate Vineyards Rosé of Merlot and the first day of Ithaca Farmers Market

Rosé of Merlot
Rosé of Merlot


imageI made a special trip up Seneca Lake (after a visit to the first outdoor Ithaca Farmer’s Market of the year) specifically to taste Atwater Estate Vineyards 2014 Rosé of Merlot. I had a haul of root veggies and sunchokes (also called Jerusalem Artichokes, they are the tuber roots of a type of sunflower. Taste just like artichokes, roast or use just like you would potatoes), and was finally starting to readjust to real life and post Europe jet lag and exhaustion. My husband was home, in between a month long tour and going back to work at our home tattoo shop The Hand of Fate Tattoo Parlor, and I felt like making a nice meal and having a lovely bottle of vino to go with the return to our local reality. Pork loin, veggies, and a bottle of rosé…and I already had one in mind. The joy of living in the Finger Lakes! Hop in the car for a quick trip to one of the hundreds of local wineries…

I love the Merlot grape, I always have, and the more styles I try, the more hooked I am. Atwater’s 2014 release of the Rosé of Merlot has taken Double Gold at the 2015 Rosé Competiton at Simi Winery in California, which is a nod for the Finger Lakes area as well! According to the tasting notes: “The first vintage from our young Merlot block, planted in 2011 on the south farm, just above the water’s edge. Hand picked and cold soaked on the skins for two hours before pressing off. Limited to 38 CASES.” I heard from the tasting room that this very first harvest of merlot was almost blended into another wine, and that the rosé was a very happy accident, and incredibly limited in production to thirty-eight cases (twelve bottles per case, people. That’s it!) While I tasted the Rosè of Cabernet Franc (which I enjoyed the very delicate acidity and fruitiness) and their Pinot Bubble (which was fun with strawberry and raspberry notes and slightly sparkling), I left with a bottle of the Rosé of Merlot, even though it wasn’t available at the tasting bar. Limited release doesn’t always afford for pre-tasting! So glad I grabbed one, will be back soon for more. Very soon, considering it’s such a limited bottling! Sometimes the best wines come in th smallest batches, especially in the Finger Lakes. Winemakers here often take risks that would only happen in an up-and-coming area like this, which is still a bit on the wild side….which is more than fine with me. This merlot rosé might just be one of my new favorites!

My farmers market goodies
My farmers market goodies

A very simple oven roasted pork loin over fresh root veggies (and lots of garlic) was a great meal with the rosé. The Merlot was a drier rosé wine than others I had tasted at Atwater, but the light cherry/red fruit flavors and bright acidity was balanced and very complimentary with our meal. It showed very nicely with both the pork and roasted veggies-even the sunchokes! I’m glad I gave it a shot, the best experiments often happen at home around here. Perfect springtime coral pink color against a blue sky, this is a bottle of wine to grab if you have the very limited chance! (BTW Right after I went and tasted, the crew at Atwater refinished the tasting room original wood floor. I’m sure it looks spectacular-make sure to look down next time you’re there!)