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How THIS Boozy Tattoo Wife Celebrates Forty


So, when I was on the verge of turning thirty, I had finally realized my life dream of living in NYC. I had accomplished a major coup, moving myself through a company in order to get from Orlando to Long Island and finally Manhattan! I decided to mark my move into my thirties by getting a tattoo. I had a couple of very small tattoos at the time, but wanted a Celtic tree of life with an Elvish phrase, marking my moves, accomplishments, and journeys. Yes, I am and have always been a geek.

Like a good tattoo client, I did my research, found a shop and artist in NYC that I liked (Nic at Sacred did my tattoo, and we have actually run into each other at a convention or two since!), had my consult, left my deposit, and signed a contract to get tattooed for my thirtieth birthday. Even before I was a tattoo wife, I had learned proper protocol by getting a couple of shitty, walk in, spur of the moment tattoos. No more of that shit for me…I marked thirty with my first quality tattoo, and it started something I didn’t expect. A love for the craft that would eventually become a large part of my world.

Fast forward ten years: I met another tattoo artist in NYC, fell in love, and we decided to start a life together. We now own a shop and a house, four dogs, and a crazy wonderful, often hectic, life. Today I celebrate forty with ANOTHER landmark–I started my left sleeve at thirty, so my husband will start my right sleeve for me this afternoon, at forty. I’ll be posting updates and all kinds of fun stuff throughout the day with progress, check back in (especially if you’re into mermaids) !! I’m a very, very excited lady, and I’m lucky to be a part of this crazy life (especially with him by my side)….

Canada, Coast to Coast, and back to Upstate NY with Lefty & Boogstar



The journey from Ithaca to Vancouver started at Good Point Tattoo in Oakville, as Canada trips often do. The menfolk took off from Toronto, and landed safely in Vancouver for a magical week of tattoos, artwork, nature, and wild energy. Plus, lots and lots of smoked salmon, seafood, and a ferry ride to Vancouver Island. (Follow the link for a flipagram Cory created Vancouver trip!). The reason the artists were all there was for the Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show, and Eddie and Boog had a Lettering seminar to teach. The weekend featured talented artists in a beautiful setting, sure to recharge and energize.








My husband was really hard pressed to leave BC- he truly loves the area, and every trip he threatens to stay until forced to leave. He had other obligations coming up, and the Roc City Tattoo Expo forced him back on the plane home. He brought Boog with him for a quick stop in Ithaca before leaving in the morning for Rochester, so I had the chance to cook for a couple of world travelers. What did I feed them? Husband caught steelhead trout with browned butter, fiddleheads, wild rice, and berry shortcake finale. I served a few bottles of my favorite Rieslings from Silver Thread Vineyard and Forge Cellars, and was lucky enough to get a gift of a Riesling Ice Wine–thanks Jay!!!


After a good night’s sleep, we were off to Rochester for the Roc City Tattoo Expo 2014. I love conventions that are close enough to commute to! The weekend was fantastic as always, and I scored a pair of beautiful new Kali blood wood earrings that I’m over the moon for from Dorje Adornments. Seriously, feel like a rockstar in these….


The show was crazy busy, and our booth was a fun time the entire weekend. The artists were really enjoying the vibes…




Boog was gracious enough to take Lefty and I out to dinner in Rochester on Saturday night. We were recommended to try 2vine, a Rochester staple in farm to table dining. It was great to see the list of local farms sourced, including Lively Run Dairy. Having said that, I was VERY disappointed in the wine list, which had NO local wines whatsoever except for a Dr. Frank Brut (really?!? ). I settled on a sparkling cocktail of brut and Pom juice. As for our meal, we shared a selection of entrees; duck, lamb, mussels, salmon, crab cakes, and a few sides, one that came out of the kitchen in awkward timing (risotto was lovely, but was served as the dinner was almost over). All of the food was flavorful, and the mussels and salmon were favorites. Granted, kitchen issues were minor after 10pm on Saturday night, and things were winding down. It was a quiet evening that we all needed and enjoyed. Thank you Roc City, we’ll see you again next year!


Great local wines, explained! ▶ Finger Lakes: Cool Climate Wines – YouTube

Here’s a short video worth a watch! How our cooler climate helps to create the wines we are best known for in the Finger Lakes area. What are some of your favorites? Which ones do you WANT to try? Cheers! 🙂


▶ Finger Lakes: Cool Climate Wines – YouTube.